Host Bitbucket add-ons on Github

This weekend, I came across an interesting article regarding building a static Bitbucket add-on comprising just HTML, CSS and JS. Generally, add-ons for Atlassian products are built using the connect framework which is based on REST APIs and web hooks. However, it’s also possible to build some add-ons that do not have any server component.

From the README file, it looks like the author  hosted the example code on firebase. However, another way to host such add-ons is on Github. Github has had static file hosting support for some time. I used this approach for hosting my version of this example. The biggest convenience is that there is no separate deployment step required. Just pushing the code to Github updates the add-on!



Ant task for minifying JS/CSS files using YUI Compressor

Recently, while working on a project, I had the need for minifying a set of Javascript and CSS files. Although the project was in HTML5 with no server side component, I had set up the build process using Apache Ant.

I looked online for an ant library that could accomplish this and came across one that was almost exactly what I was looking for. It could minify JS files using YUI Compressor but lacked a couple of features I required. So, I went through the library’s source code and added the following features

  • Minification option for CSS files
  • Option to delete original source files after minification

Since other people might want to use these additional features, I’ve made the modified library open source on GitHub:

The README file describes the available options and how to use them. There’s also an example folder with a working ant project for JS/CSS minification. My code is based on the yui-compressor-ant-task hosted on google code.