Programming Problem – The City of Archers

Here’s an interesting programming problem that a friend of mine sent me a few days back. Download a working Java solution for this problem here.

The City Of Archers

Back in human history there used to exist a city known as Genon City .It was always under threat from the enemies but it had the best archers in the world ever known to protect it.

To prepare for battle all archers performed similar actions. First go to wamboo-a warehouse- to collect arrows. Number of arrows one gets is the sequence number in which he arrives, first one gets 1, second 2 and so on. No two archers arrive at the same time.

Every archer then puts the arrows inside marina – a machine – which first cleans the arrow, then sharpens and finally colour’s it but every 5th arrows that is cleaned get broken ,so machine replaces it with a special arrow which is equivalent to 2 normal arrows and archer is not aware of this.

At the battle fort they stand in same sequence as they arrived at warehouse and fire one by one starting with first. Far away are enemies. It takes 2n arrow to kill an enemy, first 2, and second 4, third 6 and so on. Every 7th arrow fired misses the enemy which increases that enemy’s strength and it requires 2 more arrows now to get killed ,Archers is not aware of this.

Before every arrow shot, an archer knows how many enemies are already killed or semi killed (shot with few arrows before). So he calculates arrows for killing next enemy .An archer leaves whenever he doesn’t have enough arrows to kill the enemy and next archers come to action.

A battle is won if all the enemies are killed with 0 or more arrows remaining.

Write an application which models the above situation. First input to the application should be number of archers and the second input should be number of enemies.


Download Java solution for this problem by clicking here.

Sample Input/Outputs


Number of Archer 4

Number of Enemies 2


Battle – Won

Total Enemies Killed: 2 Total Arrows Fired: 6


Number of Archer 20

Number of Enemies 5


Battle – Won

Total Enemies Killed: 5 Total Arrows Fired: 41


Number of Archer 100

Number of Enemies 50


Battle – Lost

Total Enemies Killed: 45 Total Arrows Fired: 2817


Number of Archer 70

Number of Enemies 40


Battle – Lost

Total Enemies Killed: 31 Total Arrows Fired: 1428

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